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Fed up of scouring electronic haystacks for useful resources? Well, if you’re googled out, dive into my collection of handy slides and tit-bits for trainers and finance managers. And enjoy my creative training ideas! Un-copyrighted and unleashed for you to play with...

Slides for trainers
Delicious slides for break, lunch, welcome, goodbye, agendas, logistics, case studies and exercises. Why reinvent the wagon wheel?

Slides for finance and internal audit
Coming soon: Sumptuous slides for all your favourite topics: COSO, using a risk matrix, reconciliations, derivatives and more...

Tips for trainers
Coming soon: Helpful hints for new and experienced trainers, so we practice our continual development preach. Long live the learning cycle!

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Training ideas

Oranges and lemons

"1,2,3... 1,2,3… now get into your groups. Forgotten your numbers, let’s do it again..." Familiar tale? Getting people into groups can be fun and effective...

Buy a bag of wrapped sweets and assign a different coloured sweet to each group. Put the coloured sweets into a cup, so that the number of coloured sweets matches the number of participants you need in each group. For example, four groups of three participants will need 3 orange sweets, 3 yellow, 3 green and 3 red. Ask participants to choose a sweet from the cup and find their groups.

You will have your groups formed in less than a minute, and a room full of very happy suckers!

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