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Fed up of scouring electronic haystacks for useful resources? Well, if you’re googled out, dive into my collection of handy slides and tit-bits for trainers and finance managers. And enjoy a new creative training idea every day! Un-copyrighted and unleashed for you to play with...

Slides for trainers
Delicious slides for break, lunch, welcome, goodbye, agendas, logistics, case studies and exercises. Why reinvent the wagon wheel?

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Sumptuous slides for all your favourite topics: Sarbanes-Oxley, COSO, IFRS, Turnbull, risks and controls, performance reporting, audit evidence...

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A tasty collection of top ten facts for your favourite finance topics: Sarbanes-Oxley, COSO, IFRS, Turnbull, risks and controls, auditing...

Tips for trainers
Helpful hints for new and experienced trainers, so we practice our continual development preach. Long live the learning cycle!

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Training ideas

You’ve got mail

Tired of briefing exercises in the same way? Send them an email…

Announce that participants have received an email from one of their colleagues. Before the session, write a short email on a flipchart from the imaginary colleague. In the email, the colleague asks participants to use what they’ve learned from the course, to complete the exercise task. If there are two parts to the exercise, hide a ‘PS’ to the email on the next flipchart page and brief this part of the exercise when required. You can also draw a picture of an attachment, such as an Excel spreadsheet, and then provide this handout to participants.

Simple, quick to prepare and just adds a nice little twist to lift the room.

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