Technical training with a kick

Technical training does not have to feel like you’re pulling teeth – for you or the participant! Just a little extra effort and technical training will come to life. And with expectations at rock bottom, you’ll blow them away…

Technical training is different to other training. Experts are required. There’s more focus on knowledge and skills, and it’s useful if participants have a similar knowledge level. And, let’s face it, content can easily be labelled as dull. But technical training also tends to be vital for participants’ to perform their job. So how do we make it a success?

Use experts... but use them wisely. Involve them in all phases of development. Use professional trainers to deliver the course but have an expert present throughout to answer questions and provide guidance.

Set yourself a presentation cap and stick to it! For example, the maximum time for a presentation is 15minutes. Use exercises and interactive activities to minimise presentations:

  • True and false quiz
  • Television / board game quiz (e.g. Cluedo)
  • Calculations using typical scenarios

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