Making it stick

  • Ask them to write their key learning points and actions on a self-addressed postcard. Collect them in and post them a month later.

  • Ask participants to meet with their line manager before the course to discuss their objectives. Then after the course, ask participants to meet with their line manager again to talk through their learning and how they will apply it in their work. Remember to provide guidance to line managers on how to best fulfil their role!

  • Give participants a notebook for them to use before, during and after the course. Put inside the book key diagrams, motivating messages, extra tips and templates to promote learning after the course. Number the pages to direct participants to templates you want them to complete on the course. Leave lots of blank space for participants to make notes as they please!

Making it stick is our lifelong mission. And we’re not as hot as we should be. As organisations rightly question more and more the value they get from our services, we need to be able to prove that people leave our training doing things differently. So pull your finger out, and make it stick!

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