Making it stick

Training, fortunately, isn’t free. It costs organisations time and money; scarce resources. So we’d better make sure the learning sticks…

Smiley sheets are useful instant feedback but the real test is six months later. How useful has the training been? What have they done differently? Let’s face it, if they don’t do anything differently, we’ve failed. Training is about people developing knowledge, skills and behaviours. And that’s not just development on the day; it goes beyond the training event, back into the workplace and keeps on going. So how do we make that happen?

There are lots of different ideas out there, but here are a few to get you started:

  • Use exercises on the course which apply the learning to real scenarios. Short and relevant case studies are a powerful way of getting participants to apply their learning in real-life immediately.

  • Get participants to apply their learning to their own real-life tasks. For example, on a risk management course ask participants to bring along a control issue to work on during the course.

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