Energisers - what's the point?

It’s the question I dread. Do you know any good energisers? The answer is not many; because I don’t need energisers, and neither do you…

The first thing you need to ask yourself, is why you want to energise participants. Are they going to learn more bouncing off the walls? There are times when participants need to be lively to get the most out of a session, but it’s a mistake to think that they need to be on a constant high. Courses need peaks and troughs. Individuals learn in different ways, but very few learn in a sustained frenzy of excitement.

There is something warm and fuzzy about standing in the front of a group of energised participants. Sometimes our craving for energisers stems more from our need than participants’; a pat on the back that we’re doing a good job. But it’s not hard to energise people using a fun game. It takes real skill to get them to the same state from simply learning something.

If participants aren’t energised, ask yourself if its you or them. Are you hitting the right buttons? You need to be in tune with their preferred learning methods. Do they work better in small groups? Do they need time to reflect? Are you meeting their objectives? Flex the learning activities and create a learning environment that works for them.

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